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The Whole Story

In 1993, I was director of music at Holy Family parish in Lincoln, Illinois.  

Hence, the name "Lincoln Chamber Productions." I wanted to conduct

instrumental ensembles, but our parish didn't have the resources.  

I contacted a regional musician who brought together ten other players,

and our first concert became a reality.  Since then LCP has provided instrumental

and choral music for concerts, Masses, composer events, and Requiems,

all in the context of small professional or semi-professional forces.  

We have moved from Central Illinois, to Chicago, to NW Indiana,

and now to the Huntington/Fort Wayne area.  Our hope is to provide this area

with high-quality, small ensemble experiences which draw the audience

into the music of our lives and leave them wanting more.

Lincoln Chamber Productions

We believe that beautiful music should be available to all who love it, and we strive to make that a reality through our affordable chamber music performances. Our events are carefully handpicked to showcase only the most talented and experienced musicians in the area, committed to bringing you the highest quality performances possible. Join us and experience the beauty of chamber music and its unique ability to unite people around the world.

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